Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hi! Way.

Hi! Way.
Long restless time in my staff site room
Figuring the number that have their own meaning
Rocks and aggregates are not music genre
Some curves and lines with their own hidden meaning
Arguments and agreements with lot of references
Highway to heaven
High profile to be lowered down
Super elevation is not a comic character
And when you try to straighten up the winding road be ready for the cost
Rain drops are bless for some of you but not for us
When drifter to try to skid their fancy car
We try to make you safe and glued to the asphalt
Our jobs make us look like we just got back from the beach
Sunburn, shades, hats, digital cameras and caps make us look like tourists
Safety vest and safety boots as our shield from disaster
Marshall Test is not the test to let you drive the Marshall car for F1
Just let the car pass beside me so I can feel the wind to let me cool

Monday, June 8, 2009